How we work

Outsourcing Your Biostatistics & other Data-related Services with Us

Our expertise can be outsources for both R&D and clinical trials projects. There are 3 ways of working with us:

  • Project-based outsourcing,
  • Functional service provision (FSP),
  • Service subscription.

Each of these options may include biostatisticians, bioinformaticians, statistical programmers, other technical experts, or a combination of these domains. In all cases you will be introduced to the team members working on your data.

What is the difference between these 3 options?

Project-based Outsourcing & Consulting.

  • The project is the focus. while decisions will be made with the wider company goals and pipelines line in mind, deliverables will pertain to a specific project and be well-defined.
  • Pricing will be on a per project basis.
  • Necessary data will be received by us, stored on our secure servers for the duration of the project. Consultants and service providers, such as biostatisticians, will be working in-house and remotely for us for the duration of the project.
  • While we do provide the option of pre-packaged deliverables, our project-based outsourcing is by no means limited to this. It is also possible to have a project contract completely tailored to your needs.

Advantages: Clear deliverables, faster service, transparent cost. No need to set up required IT infrastructure, nor on-board contractors nor induct into your existing workflow systems.

Disadvantages: Service is limited to what has been pre-defined in the proposal. ad hoc tasks on other projects will require a re-negotiation of terms and possibly an additional cost.

Functional Service Provision (FSP).

  • The contract duration is the focus.
  • Decisions will be made by the project team of the contracting firm (you) with the wider company goals and pipelines line in mind, not by Anatomise Biostats project team.
  • Deliverables will be similarly determined and may or may not be well-defined.
  • Pricing will be on the basis of contract duration and calculated monthly.
  • Necessary data will not be received by us, nor be stored on our servers for the duration of the contract.
  • Consultants and service providers, such as biostatisticians, will be working (usually) remotely for and within the team of the contracting firm for the duration of the contract.
  • Weekly hours are consistent for the duration of the contract and are usually full-time equivalent.

Advantage: Data is kept on your own servers. You have control and ownership of tasks.

Disadvantage: significant onboarding of contractors and integration into existing teams is required, as is the set-up and maintenance of all necessary IT infrastructure such as servers and software. Expertise limited by the individual contractor/s at the direction of your team.

Service Subscription

  • This option has similar elements to both project-based outsourcing and FSP.
  • The focus is not longer limited to a pre-specified project but on flexible availability for the contract duration.
  • Deliverables may or may not be well-defined in advance.
  • Like project-based outsourcing, Anatomise Biostats takes full-ownership for deliverables which will benefit from the insights of our consulting team.
  • While total contract hours are pre-defined, hours spent on projects may vary week-to-week as needed.

Advantage: Full-availability to work on any biostatistics (or bioinformatics, as stated in the contract) tasks for the duration of the contract. This means you can request tasks that might be outside the scope of the original project deliverables. There is not need to have every task well-defined in advance. We have full ownership of the work which allows us to apply advanced methodology where necessary and optimise methods to get to your goals more efficiently. Additional team members with specific technical skills can contribute where necessary. Service subscription allows for flexible allocation of hours from week-to-week to vary availability with the eb and flow of project demands.

Disadvantages: While the cost is known up-front, the price of individual deliverables may be less tangible at the outset. Timelines may be less well specified in advance of the contract commencing.

Benefits of outsourcing biostatistical and other data-related expertise in medtech and biopharma.