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Free Quote For Biostatistical Services On All Clinical Research Enquiries

In order to develop a project quote, the following details may be requested where relevant: a research proposal, data set, hypotheses (if any) and a list of graphics required. All client data is kept secure, entirely confidential and will not be shared. A phone conversation may subsequently be advised in order to gain a complete understanding of your needs.

Based on this information a project plan will outlined which will describe all key data analyses to be performed, graphics to be produced, report content, turn around time and cost.

As with any project, specifications and requirements may change as the analysis develops. When this is the case an updated project plan will be provided before proceeding. This way you, the client, are kept up to speed at every stage of the project.

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Before finalising your statistical analysis plan we will provide you with an obligation free quote.

Time frames

As biostatisticians may be working on multiple projects at a time it is best to contact us for around four weeks prior to your deadline, whether it be for a grand proposal, study design or final analysis. This will ensure we have ample scope to submit to you a draft and apply and adjust according to any feedback or evolving preferences. Shorter tasks such as sample size or power calculation can usually adhere to a much shorter time frame such as a few days – however in case of unforeseen circumstances or busy time periods, four weeks is a safe benchmark for prior notice. 

Grand funding

Biostatisticians should be factored fully into the budget of a grant application for any published paper or ongoing research. This serves to save time at the design and analysis stages, ensure appropriateness and accuracy of conclusions in line with the latest statistical techniques, as well as reducing the need for the redoing of peer reviewed papers due to rejection.


Biostatisticians form an integral part of any clinical research project, from the design and planning stage, to data management and statistical analysis, to final write-up. As such, each contributing statistician should be considered for co-authorship alongside other contributing scientists. Co-authorship is to be negotiated, independent of funding considerations, based upon the statistician or statisticians’ proportional contribution to the paper or papers.

​Biostatistical service subscription

We also offer the option of a biostatistical service subscription for light, medium or heavy biostatistical consulting needs. This involves paying a monthly subscription fee in order to retain the services of a biostatistician for a certain amount of hours each month. The fee structure graduates in line with hours retained per month. See herefor more details on the standard subscription tiers we offer. If these sit outside of your needs but you still feel that a retainer is appropriate for you, we are happy to negotiate a bespoke plan. Our biostatistical subscription services can greatly reduce the overall cost of regular biostatistical consulting for your projects as the maximum allowed hours is always greater than the amount charged in on a per hour basis. Payment occurs via direct debit which saves time and helps to streamline workflow. Another convenient option is to pay the biannual amount upfront to attract a further discount. We will discuss your consulting needs and expectations in depth prior to recommending any service subscription, in order to determine whether this is in-fact the best method to service those needs.

quote for statistical consulting for clinical research
A quote for statistical services will be tailored to your research needs.

Contact us for more information and an obligation free quote.