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Biostatistics For A New Age of Clinical Research
The landscape of clinical and life sciences research is evolving at an unprecedented rate and this is no better exemplified than by the context of the current global pandemic. The fast-tracking of research results and multidisciplinary cooperation are as paramount as ensuring the absolute accuracy of that research. It is as apparent as ever that errors in judgement in this context cost lives. In general, emerging complexities and specificities in research due to new sub-disciplines with the advent of technology, as well as a merger of previously disparate domains, are resulting in a multidisciplinary ecosystem which requires a greater agility to function.
One company attempting to adopt the field of traditional consulting to this dynamic new environment is Anatomise Biostats. The company employs the services of a number of highly specialised biostatisticians who undertake the bulk of their projects within a single field. Due to the ever-increasing complexity of data and the associated analytical approaches required to satisfactorily extract insights, they believe that this is by far the best approach.
Their vision is to build an integrated platform for clients, striking a balance between specialisation and multidisciplinarity, where a biostatistician who specialises in a particular technical or clinical area is paired with a researcher in that area. This, they say, has advantage enabling the efficient application of the statisticians’ sometimes quite obscure knowledge from previous projects to benefit research in the same niche. As they provide specialist biostatistical services in multiple fields, this expertise can be combined to address research questions that blur the bounds of previously distinct sub-disciplines. While this approach is unique in the provision of biostatistical services, the practice of specialisation by clinicians in medicine, dentistry and psychology began to emerge during the late 1800’s. Like the medical profession, the company also have generalist biostatisticians readily available for situations where this approach is more appropriate.
Anatomise Biostats began as a traditional biostatistical consulting firm before adding a bioinformatics department. The company has since come to merge specialist biostatistics and bioinformatics consultancy with biostatistical expert witness services, and offers a service subscription which is available for individual or combined service categories. The company is currently researching the implementation of distributed ledger technologies, including blockchain, to the clinical trials process.