Corporate Partnership

Biotechnology & medical device clinical trials
We provide statistical and bioinformatics services to small and medium sized biotechnology and other clinical research firms to facilitate the highest of research methodology and data analysis standards.

R&D Studies // Clinical Trials Consulting

Overview of our services  

We bring together biostatistical expertise and bioinformatic capabilities in the design, analysis & reporting of both exploratory studies and full-scale clinical trials for bio-industry research. To provide a more comprehensive service for our clients, we seek to partner with compatible service providers such as full or partial-service CROs, and software firms.

So who are our clients?

Our clients consist primarily of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups in biotech, pharma and med-tech research around the globe, who are looking to conduct R&D or clinical trials in order to progress their clinical treatment product to market.

Partnerships Agreements

Partnerships between Anatomise Biostats and other complementary service providers can mutually enhance service provision to the client. Service packages can be made more comprehensive and their delivery can be streamlined, simplifying processes for the client. A further benefit of partnership agreements is a reduction in the cost and duration of client acquisition activities, such as marketing and sales, by sharing clients through the multi-partner network. Partnership agreements may also enable packaging together of services that results in a reduced cost for the client.

Types of partnership agreements

Partnerships with us can be established on either a collaborative or referral basis:

  • Collaborative partnerships are mutually beneficial and do not attract a referral fee. Terms of the collaborative partnership are stipulated contractually prior to the commencement of any project.

  • Referral partnerships, while tending to be mutually beneficial, attract a referral fee of around 20% in either one or both directions to be stipulated in the initial contract.

Collaborative partnerships

Collaborative partnerships aim to provide shared clients with a more holistic service throughout all stages of their project cycle. This is achieved by pooling the distinct knowledge, resources and experience of each collaborative partner company, while allowing each entity to remain focused and dedicated to honing their own area of expertise. Such collaborations are designed to be mutually beneficial to all partners, as well as the client, and facilitate operational growth of all using shared resources.

Partnership agreements for CROs

A collaborative partnership with Anatomise Biostats allows full or partial-service CROs to leverage the highly specialised knowledge and experience of our senior biostatistical consultants in order to better tailor and package services to specific clients. We offer both biostatistics and omics/bioinformatics expertise across multiple clinical sub-niches which can be combined over a single project or spread over multiple projects. Partnered CROs also benefit from an enhanced ability to expedite personalised medicine-based therapies by including master protocols in the case of biomarker-guided clinical trials or drug development ventures.

Characteristic benefits and perks of collaborative partnership with Anatomise Biostats:

  • Complimentary tickets to any summits hosted by Anatomise Biostats.

  • Access to our consulting expertise by appointment for the purposes of informing and educating clients on potential service benefits in the context of their specific projects.

  • Complimentary listing on our website, which includes a large logo and one paragraph description of the partnering company.

  • The option to attend quarterly meetings to discuss the collective enhancement of mutual service provision to clients.

Referral partnerships

Referral partnerships have a similar aim as collaborative partnerships in terms of benefits to the client. To partners they offer a potential of an additional income stream in the case of outgoing referrals, and they offer a reduced cost of client acquisition in the case of incoming referrals. This type of partnership might be more appropriate for software and data security companies that are able to serve or are looking to break into new markets via biotech/med-tech/pharma SMEs/start-ups. Companies suited to referral partnership via a referral agreement might be:

  • Clinical trials management platforms.
  • Drug development platforms.
  • Drug or device manufacturing firms.
  • Product distribution firms.
  • Data/cyber security companies where the product or service can be easily adapted to our clients.

Characteristic benefits of a referral partnership with Anatomise Biostats:

  • Potential to earn a referral commission once deals close.

  • Priority invitations to speak at any summits hosted by Anatomise Biostats that are relevant to the expertise provided by the partnering company.

  • Access to our consulting expertise by appointment for the purposes of informing and educating clients on potential service benefits in the context of their specific projects.

  • Complimentary listing on our website, which includes a large logo and one paragraph description of the partnering company.

Who do we partner with?

We partner with full-service CROs and other complementary service and technology companies to provide a more comprehensive service package to our clients, if needed. We enter into corporate partnerships on either a collaborative or referral basis and we are always open to new and innovative forms of collaboration. If you would like more information about how this might work for your company please contact us. We are particularly interested in exploring blockchain integration & hosting as a solution for clinical trials.

Referrals from existing clients

As a small business we rely on word of mouth. If you know someone who could benefit from our biostatistics consulting services, simply send them our way and let them know to mention your name when they contact us. Once they become a client, we will automatically apply a 10% discount to your next project as a thank you for your referral.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save on your future consulting projects and help your colleagues and friends improve their research with our top-quality services. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you and your referrals soon!

ProtoQSAR-MolDrug is specialized in the design, optimization, valorization, and development of new compounds (small molecules, peptides, nanomaterials, mixtures…) through Machine Learning-powered chemoinformatics and structural bioinformatics (QSARs, molecular docking, molecular dynamics, etc.).

Tools allow for the prediction and assessment of physicochemical, biological, pharmacological, and/or (eco)toxicological properties of substances with an array of advantages: (1) faster results, (2) saving of material and financial resources, (3) reduced animal testing (3Rs), (4) regulatory validity.

Research Domains: chemistry and regulatory toxicology and compound discovery and development for biotech, pharma, veterinary, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and agri-food industry.