​Qualified ​And Experienced Statisticians And Biostatisticians Wanted For Ongoing Contracts

Job Vacancies

To apply for either of the above positions please attach your CV and fill out your details in the form below. We would be grateful if you include a detailed cover letter to address your relevant experience and suitability for the role. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Anatomise Biostats contracts biostatisticians from all over the world to service different markets. Key locations include Australia, UK, and the USA.
    We are especially interested in those who have gained extensive analytical experience within a specialist clinical or experimental niche such as neural mapping, bioinformatics, or molecular oncology, as these advanced projects can be some of the most challenging to consistently deliver.
    If you are interested in contracting for Anatomise Biostats as a specialized biostatistician please email your CV. Include a message stating your academic qualifications, analytics experience, any areas of advanced specialization, and your expected rate per hour.

    Please note the minimum qualification to be considered is a coursework master’s of biostatistics, preferably higher, and 5+ years experience in clinical data analysis, ideally within a particular specialization.

    Currently, projects are assigned on an ad hoc basis based on your individual qualifications and experience. Due to this arrangement, it is ideal if you are available at short notice initially. Assignment of more regular clients on a part-time contract basis can then occur over time.


    ​Who we look for

    Aside from biostatistical certification and experience in a specialist clinical or life sciences niche, to work for Anatomise Biosats in a biostatistical consulting capacity you should also:

    • Act with professionalism.
    • Have advanced problem-solving skills for situations where a novel approach is required.
    • Be conscientious and have a passion to serve in a statistical role.
    • Have high-level project and self-management skills in order to take on any aspects of a project independently and adhere to timelines.
    • Possess the versatility to take on a variety of projects over time and keep up with changing project demands.
    • Ideally, be experience with more than one statistical software package out of SAS, Stata, SPSS, and R.
    • Keep up to date with the latest statistical and analytic techniques that are appropriate to your work.
    • And your work should reflect precision and attention to detail.

    If you possess the above qualities and are looking for a flexible and varied working environment which allows for a high level of autonomy we would be more than happy to speak with you about any upcoming opportunities. To get the ball rolling please send an email with your CV and some samples of your work. 

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    From time to time we will also advertise non-statistical roles such as administration, SEO, and marketing related positions.