Biostats Training

Advanced Biostatistical Methods for MedTech Clinical Trials.

Our industry-driven biostatistics courses will help you gain an insight into the design and analysis of medical device clinical trials and R&D studies, with a particular focus on their unique concerns. 

Further to this is a focus on how to advance your own knowledge and adapt your skills on a case-by-case basis as required by the demands of specific projects. 

Having this overall insight can be wildly beneficial for a graduate biostatistician embarking on their career or looking to change industry niche, as well as for the senior staff of any med-tech start-up looking to bring a new product to market.

Keep ahead of the curve in the clinical research industry.


Unlock the value of Advanced Biostatistics for MedTech.

However cutting-edge the technology or fancy the lab equipment, ultimately, it is accurate, niche-specific study design and analysis that determines the success of a medical device project.

After all, this is what enables regulatory approval, bridges the gap between therapeutic device and patient access, and ideally, maximizes ROI on intellectual property for the business.

Keeping a med-tech company’s study methods as up-to-date and innovative as their potentially life-saving technology has a long-standing effect on future innovative capacities and financial growth.


Globally oriented.

With a global focus, our advanced biostatical training is designed to provide the background needed to understand a range of theoretical approaches to clinical evaluation of different medical devices types at various stages of the product development life cycle, from R&D to phase IV clinical trials.


For your career.

Whether you are a

  • Graduate biostatistician looking to embark on an exciting career in med-tech, or
  • Owner of a med-tech start-up/SME needing to give your product a boost to market,

 this course will help you and your colleagues develop biostatistics expertise needed
for understanding and collaborating on the biostatistical aspects of bringing a medical device project to successful completion. by expanding your knowledge of the myriad of biostatistics and how it can be an asset to your company,

The course can be followed up by our Stata programming course for graduate biostatisticians that is based upon the same modules and adopts a practical approach to these topics.   

Benefits of our courses

Develop advanced biostatistical knowledge, skills and competencies.

Based on the most up-to-date biostatistical practices from around the globe,

our courses provide you with all the cutting edge biostatistics expertise required for understanding clinical research & clinical trials design within the medical device industry.

Enhance your Expertise

You will learn:

  • Advanced biostatisitical methods and innovative techniques for Medtech.
  • How to adapt your existing biostatistics knowledge to the design and analysis of clinical trials in this niche,
  • Unique considerations to be aware of in developing your SAP.

Gain Clarity

 Have elucidated: 

  • The gaps in your knowledge and how to bridge them.
  • Where and how to acquire additional information to tailor your techniques to each project and stay up-to-date.

What’s included?

  • 5 modules
  • 1 certification
  • Weekly quizzes
  • Video lectures
  • Full PDF notes
  • Live office hours with expert biostatisticians

CPD Accredited

Our courses are CPD accredited professional development courses for which we aim to deliver the highest possible quality. A big part of this is our continually adapting and improving the materials and content in response to student feedback. 

Video Lessons & Notes

For your convenience, high-quality pre-recorded & live lessons can be taken via desktop or mobile device. With the flexibility to go at your own pace, these can be reviewed at any time throughout the course. Corresponding notes are also included.

Live Q&A with Experts

Video lessons are supplemented by direct access to highly experienced senior biostatisticians for Q &A during regular online office hours.

Module Readings & Quizzes

 Up-to-date and carefully selected peer-reviewed research on diverse methodology will form a significant component of the course readings. Complimenting this are regular quizzes to test your understanding and participation. 

Interactive Forum

Benefit from our small class sizes to get personalised help with your studies. Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas that stimulate discussion & increase connection among industry peers from different clinical sub-specialties or geographic locations. 

Early-bird discount available (value £500)

Act now and pre-enroll for April to attract a generous £500 off the course cost. Over this time individuals can enroll for £1250. 

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