Biostatistical Service Subscription

Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Service Subscriptions

Our biostatistical service subscription allows us to more efficiently and cost-effectively address your research needs. It is suited to clients who require consulting services on multiple projects within the same or diverse clinical research areas. We can assign to you a single biostatistician specialising in your clinical research niche, or multiple consultants as required.

We also offer the option of paying upfront biannually which attracts a further discount. A biostatistical service subscription can greatly reduce the overall cost of regular biostatistical consulting for your projects as the maximum allowed hours is always greater than the amount charged in on a per hour basis. For your convenience, we currently we accept payments in AUD, USD, GBP and Euro.

If the available options sit outside of your needs but you still feel that a retainer is appropriate for you, we are happy to negotiate a bespoke plan. Payment occurs via direct debit which saves time and helps to streamline workflow. We will discuss your consulting needs and expectations in depth prior to recommending any service subscription, in order to determine whether this is in-fact the best method to service those needs.

Some advantages of a biostatistical service subscription

​Grant funding applications

Using a subscription model for your biostatistical consulting needs can make grand funding applications more straight forward as estimating the cost of biostatisticial services throughout the year becomes easier. Once you have decided on the number of hours the amount is already set out. This option is a particular advantage if you have already undertaken comparable projects to those scheduled and have a sense of the contribution required by the biostatistician.

Benefits to workflow

Having a subscription service for your biostatistical consulting needs makes workflow more efficient. You no longer need to remember to contact a consulting biostatistician a month in advance of the task to enquire if they will be available, and then make other arrangements if they are not. You will be guaranteed that the same biostatistician is always available to collaborate with. This saves time reorienting a new statistician to the nuances of your research. Another benefit to efficiency is that you no longer have to worry about sending invoices to accounts at varying intervals in order to pay consultants. It is already taken care of with either direct debit or upfront payment.

This means that as a researcher you can maintain greater focus on important research tasks. It also frees up the time of the statistician so they have more time to dedicate to their work rather than filing invoices and chasing up accounts. A service subscription allows us to build a stronger relationship and develop a familiarity which enables us to more closely and efficiently serve your needs.

Compared to hiring a part-time biostatistician to work in house, you have the predictability and peace of mind that statistician will be available for a certain number of hours per month without the worry of having to assign a set day of the week to have them come in. This allows flexibility when project data is coming in at unpredictable intervals or assistance is needed on a more ad hoc basis throughout the month.

A biostatistical service subscription offers flexibility and control. You can set well in advance the maximum number of hours you would like the biostatistician to be available for and have the peace of mind each month. For added peace of mind the subscription can be cancelled at anytime with one months notice. ​

For more information on how we can best service your needs please get in touch via the contact form.