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We help you to develop and implement a clear plan of action from the outset of your project to ensure you remain on your optimal trajectory for the project duration. 

In the initial stages we refine you research questions, fine tune your hypotheses for precise testing and enable a statistical analysis plan that optimizes your study results. Study power and required sample size can vary wildly as a function of statistical test and data type. Determining a statistical analysis plan up front is key as it enables us to calculate the most appropriate sample size and power for your study. 

We advise on data collection and inputting techniques that reduce the need for data cleaning and preparation at the analysis stage. This saves you time and money and allows you to more efficiently answer your research questions.

We use a rigorous approach to ensure the most appropriate statistical methodology has been implemented at the final analysis stage. We will fine tune your statistical analysis plan as needed in line with any unexpected developments arising from the nuances of real-world data. We follow protocol to ensure your final analysis is as accurate and free from bias to every possible extent. We then write up the results of your study and guide your interpretation to fully ensure that any conclusions are correct and concise.

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