About Us

Who We Are

Anatomise Biostats  is a boutique statistical consultancy firm offering bespoke biostatistics and bioinformatics services to a variety of clients.

Key focus areas:

  • Design and statistical analysis of R&D, pre-clinical and clinical trials for biotech and pharma start-ups and SMEs, including master protocols.
  • Advanced statistical or computational analysis and modelling of bio-medical, genomics and public health data.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach and keep up-to date with the latest analysis techniques, such as Bayesian modelling and network analysis, so that we can provide the most comprehensive statistical services to suit evolving client needs.

Who We Work With

  • Commercial clients in biotech, medtech, pharma and medical device start-ups and SMEs globally.
  • Clinical researchers in public and private practice
  • Medical and life sciences researchers in academia
  • Solicitors in medical malpractice, medical negligence, injury and insurance disputes.

How We Work with Companies

Anatomise Biostats differs from a full-service CRO in that we specialise in the data and methodology side of a project. In delivering our expert biostatistics, genomics, data analysis and statistical reporting services we work alongside traditional CROs who have a broader focus on execution of the overall research project.

For bigger projects we partner with CROs who outsource their biostatistical and bioinformatics capabilities in order to offer their customers a more tailored and project specific study design.

For smaller pre-trial and R&D projects we work directly with biomedical researchers in the design, analysis and reporting of their study, without the need for a third party CRO. This allows resources to be utilised efficiently at the early pre-trial stage.

If requested an expert biostatistician will perform independent audit of any study design, data collection related methodology, statistical analyses or reported findings that have arisen prior to our involvement. We can also aid in the interpretation of any existing study results.

We offer three types of outsourcing: Project-based, Functional Service Provision (FSP), and Service Subscription. More specific information on the types of outsourcing we offer can be found here.

Some indirect benefits of working with us

  • Increase cost-effectiveness and optimise research budget
  • Save time through enabling you to execute your research with greater efficiency
  • Reduce your risk of pursuing up-productive and costly research trajectories.
  • Increase precision to ensure the insights from your research are as accurate as possible

General Service Overview

We have dedicated consultants with specialist knowledge in a variety of sub-domains within the bio-sciences. In particular these areas include oncology, latent variable models and neural networks for neuroscience, analysis of surgical data, orthodontic data, hospital data, clinical psychology study design including survey design, genomic analysis, and clinical trials.

For commercial and clinical clients:

  • We can design your clinical study including calculation of sample size, power and data collection methods.
  • We can provide a full statistical analysis plan (SAP) and calibrate this design as .needed.
  • We can perform a full statistical analysis on your data and produce a publication quality statistical analysis report (SAR) including figures and graphs.
  • As part of our service we can help you meet regulatory approval for clinical trials and pilot studies.

For legal clients:

  • We can perform thorough scoping reviews of the existing literature
  • We can perform meta-analysis and statistical estimation of various parameters
  • We can develop sophisticated statistical models

Our commitment, Your Results

We have several item-based and subscription-based packages that allow us to tailor our services to your individual needs. In order to secure the services of a specialised biostatistician on a regular basis our biostatistical service subscription is recommended for continuity. Another benefit to this approach is that a single department can retain the services of multiple different consultants specialising in relevant areas for the cost of a single biostatistical consultant.

Our Philosophy

At Anatomise Biostats we take a modern and dynamic approach to research collaboration.
The field of medicine and the scope of associated research areas encompass an increasingly broad domain. As knowledge and technology expands, many different sub-disciplines are emerging that previously had not existed, and research areas are becoming highly intricate and specialised.  In addition to this, a multidisciplinary landscape is emerging with previously disparate areas of study merging to constitute entirely new domains.

In an attempt to address this and to provide the highest standards of service to clients, we have taken the philosophy of medical specialisation and applied it to our biostatistical services. We employ the services of a number of highly specialised biostatisticians who take on the bulk of their projects within a single field. Due to the ever increasing complexity of data and the associated analytical approaches required to satisfactorily extract insights, we believe that this is by far the best approach. As we have specialists in multiple fields, this expertise can be combined to address research questions that blur the bounds of previously distinct sub-disciplines.

As strong statistical knowledge is the cornerstone of any scientific research endeavour, our expert biostatisticians provide detailed support throughout the entire life cycle of your project from study design and regulatory concerns, sampling and randomisation, data services and statistical analysis, all the way to reporting and publication.

Having a biostatistician who specialises in a particular area benefits you as they can more efficiently apply their sometimes quite obscure knowledge from previous projects to benefit your research in the same niche.
Generalist biostatisticians are also at hand and are more than capable of taking on any of these projects should a more specialised consultant not be available.

We take pride in contributing to clinical and life sciences research that is of high integrity and impeccable standard so that insights from future research continue to be built upon a solid foundation.