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We are a boutique biostatistical consulting firm focused on serving life science start-ups & SMEs. We aim to deliver precise insights through efficient study design and advanced statistical analysis. Our expertise expedites regulatory approval and maximises cost-effectiveness for your projects. Let us become your trusted partner in driving success and making a significant impact within the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare innovation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support data-driven decision-making throughout your therapeutic development journey.


biostatistical consultancy services include clinical study design & statistical data analysis.


Our statistical consulting services encompass clinical study design, detailed statistical analysis for life sciences R&D and clinical trials, survey design & analysis, and much more…

Bioinformatics data analysis of life sciences biotech genomics, proteomics & transcriptomics data


We offer bioinformatics analysis of multi-omics data such as genomics, proteomics metabolomics & transcriptomics to inform biomarker-guided clinical trials or as a stand-alone service.

services for  start-ups & SMSEs in biotech, medtech, medical devices & pharma including R & D study & clinical trial design, statistical data analysis

Corporate Partnership

Our biostatistics services encompass the design & analysis of pilot studies, pre-clinical and stage I-IV clinical trials and the statistical validation component of R&D activities. By joining forces, we can streamline clinical trial projects, accelerate time-to-market, and ensure high-quality outcomes for our shared client base. Together, we can make a significant impact on the future of medtech innovations.

Biostatistical services retainer includes starter, professional or enterprise subscription for biotech, medtech, pharma clinical & academics

Service Subscription

Our service subscription provides a hassle-free and convenient solution for outsourcing biostatistics in clinical trials. With a dedicated retainer, researchers can access expert biostatistical support whenever needed, eliminating the expense and complexities of hiring in-house staff. From study design to data analysis and CDISC-compliant data management, our team ensures a seamless process, allowing researchers to focus on their core objectives with confidence and efficiency.


biostatistical & bioinformatics services for biotech, medtech, medical devices & pharma start-ups & SMSE companies


We assist therapeutic and diagnostic device start-ups and SMSEs in achieving regulatory approval goals through efficient study design. Our precise insights ensure products meet safety standards and reach the marketplace cost-effectively, benefiting both shareholders and consumers. By addressing niche and complex projects, such as SAMD, we aspire to improved patient outcomes and advancements in medical technologies.

biostatistics services for researchers in clinical practice & life sciences academica


Dedicated to supporting pharmaceutical start-ups and SMSEs, our solutions span statistical modelling to biomarker-guided adaptive designs for clinical trials. Emphasising cost-effectiveness, our tailored services drive success in the pharmaceutical industry. We maximize research grant budgets to tackle intricate challenges and foster advancements that enhance patient outcomes and quality of life.

biostatistical expert witness services for medical malpractice, negligence, injury & insurance

In the challenging landscape of medical device claims, the integrity of your clinical evidence is critical. Our expert consultants provide more than evidence-based support; we conduct thorough evaluations of your clinical studies to ensure they have been conducted properly and meet the highest standards of integrity. By addressing data gaps, verifying regulatory compliance, and identifying limitations, we bolster the credibility of your defence.

In addition to offering Biometrics FSP, we are able to put together a project team consisting of diverse clinical data experts as needed. Furthermore we take care of the, IT infrastructure, project management and coordination between team members.

For clinical trials projects these experts might include, a senior biostatistician, statistical programmer, bioinformatician, data scientist/ML or even a CAS modeller. This means your company can have access to a fully outsourced team of clinical data specialists for the cost of one or two full-time staff.

We believe this is of particular benefit to smaller companies and start-ups because projects often do not require a 20 plus hours of weekly input from every expert on a consistent basis. Collaborating with Anatomise Biostats takes the weight off our clients’ shoulders in terms of eliminating costs and the hassles that come with recruiting and managing a diverse technical team.

FAQ biostatistics support for clinical and pre-clinical research

Is your study design cost-effective?

Does your statistical methodology best evaluate your research?

Are your insights accurate?

We can help answer

these questions and more.